Wip Spam!

Is This Your Knife WIP


Wip spam!  Added some shadows.  Oooo, ahhhhhh, wooooow.


She’s a Witch!

Saila face This your knife

I’ve been working on character sheets for the manga I’m working on.  This is Saila, she is one of my three witches!  I’m gonna finish adding shading and stuff to the full body drawing of her then work on my other two witches.  Even though I was sick today and had to take the day off of work I felt pretty productive.  Gettin’ stuff done!

Character sketchesJust took a couple of hours to make colored versions of some sketches. Not perfect but they’re good for now. I think I did the best with Brenin. These are characters to a story I’m working on.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Against my better judgement I’ll post this.

Just a quick cherub my Mom asked me to draw for her.  So here’s a weird cherub to celebrate the holdiay!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Single Awareness Day!

(Sorry this is late I keep forgetting about this blog.  It’ll take a while for it to become habit like my tumblr)

Moar WIPS!!!

Wip GunnerMLP WIP


I had a break today and got some time to draw.  Do I finish any preexisting projects?  Nope!  I just blindly jump into a new one!  I’m so smrt.  😛  Well I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  Only one out of the two was a new project.  I wanted to draw a quick chibi of my character Gunner but I failed.  Instead it was more like a five hour illustration and he’s still arm-less!  Man I wish i was a faster artist.

To take a break from Gunner I took out an oldie from June of last year.  I totally forgot about it until today.  😦 So I added a tail to the my little pony.  She’s almost done but I promised my friend months ago I’d finish this so I’m just trying to get it done now.   All I have to do with the mlp is add pink highlights to the mane and tail and that is it.  NOTHING ELSE!

So I was really productive today!  Just partly not in the best way.  I should have focused on working on my web comic ‘cuz my writing group is meeting up tomorrow.  I don’t have to present anything but I need to keep to my weekly goals.  My excuse this week is I’ve been in Texas the past 5 days for a wedding.  It’s been CRAZY!  I just couldn’t do it.  Once I’m off this trip I’ll be a tons better.  I feel bad but I just feel too limited to get it done.  Maybe I can come up with something on the plane on the way home.

Maybe I can post something tomorrow.  I hope it’s finished work.  I’m really drowning in all of these WIPs I have and I’m starting to go mad!

Just a WIP

I’ve started this blog just ‘cuz this came with the website I joined for my writing group.  I think it’s fun so I’ll see what I can do with it.  I hope that the other girls start this up too.  It’ll be fun to follow each other and see what everyone is up to on their progress.

Speaking of progress I have this impulse to upload any little thing I’ve drawn finished or not.  So here’s a WIP of my character, Jack Maharra.

WIP Jack

His outfit design is like the water tribe meets assassin’s creed.  Thinkin’ this might be cover art for my manga, but not sure.  It might just be a pretty bonus picture I stick in there.  I’m dying ‘cuz I wanna work on this so bad but I can’t ‘cuz I gotta go to bed.  Gotta wedding to go to in the morning and it’s way late.  I’ll update more as I go later on.